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The murder of Sarah Everard highlights the toxic masculinity in the world and how women are meant to be silent against the multiple crimes against us on a daily basis

I write this article with sadness in my heart for Sarah Everard.

A woman who was walking home one night.

But who never arrived home.

Her life snatched from her by a man — a Police Officer of all people — who took what was divinely hers.

A woman who walked home because she had nobody to walk with her.

A woman who — like all of us — took a risk to walk home alone.



That she’d make it home alive.

We’ve all been there.



We’ve all been there.

Walking home alone.

In the dark.

Shedding the layers of shadow that have held you back from your truth & power is the most transformative thing you will ever do as a Spiritual Entrepreneur here to share your magic & make a difference in the world

It seems like an odd statement to make. A complete oxymoron perhaps. Surely starting a Spiritual Business — or any business in fact — would mean that you are, to your credit, sure of who you are.


Not in my case. And certainly not in the case of the many Spiritual Entrepreneurs I’ve connected with over the last 2 years and the clients I’ve worked with.

In fact, I’d go so far as to say that starting my own Spiritual Business was even harder than leaving an abusive marriage.


You see, I started my business just over 2…

Soulmate, Karmic or Twin Flame — what is the difference and what to do they mean spiritually

Grab a cuppa…it’s a long (but worthwhile!!) read! Soulmate, Karmic or Twin Flame — these terms are used a lot in the spiritual community to describe different types of relationships. Personally, and those who know me well know that I don’t like to sugar-coat things, there’s a lot of bullshit in the spiritual community too. Especially when it comes to referring to these different type of soul connections you may have in your life. There’s also a lot of people quick to judge, a lot of people quick to dismiss things and sadly…a lot of people trying to jump on…

Leanne Juliette

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